Medication Therapy Management Clinic (MTMC)

The Medication Therapy Management Clinic is a pharmacist managed clinic that assists patients by:

  • Helping to prevent medication related problems
  • Working closely with your doctors
  • Providing additional information about medications and medical problems
  • Checking blood pressure, weight, blood sugars, and peak flow readings
  • Coordinating pharmacy visits with medication refills
  • Helping patients manage their own medications
  • Assisting with difficulties accessing medications

How do I sign up for the program?

  • Ask your doctor for a referral for the program

Who should I call for information or with questions?

  • Call the MTMC at 312.996.5025


How often do I have to visit the clinic?
At least once a month, but could be more based on the need of the patient.

How long do the visits last? 
Initial visits are 1 hour, then 30 minutes thereafter.

Where is the MTMC Clinic located? 
Outpatient Care Center (OCC) Pharmacy 1801 W. Taylor St., Suite 3B.