Emotional Effects of Asthma

An asthma attack can be really scary. Trouble breathing, leading to the sensation of "air hunger," often causes people to feel like they are going to die. Understandably, this can be pretty upsetting.

Even when you aren't currently having asthma symptoms, the fear of another attack could cause you to feel constantly anxious and afraid. Other people react in different ways. Instead of fear, they might feel embarrassed, angry, confused, or guilty.

All of these feelings are normal.

The emotional impact asthma has on you any may depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The severity of your asthma
  • How much asthma limits your activities
  • The level of your social and family support
  • How old you were when asthma symptoms started
  • Your level of asthma-related skills and knowledge
  • Overall personality and coping style

Managing the Emotional Effects of Asthma

There is, of course, no one right way to go about dealing with the emotions that asthma can cause, but there are some strategies that many people find useful:

  • Take an active role in taking care of yourself.
  • Learn and practice relaxation exercises or meditation.
  • Acknowledge and accept the feelings you're having.
  • Find a healthcare provider you feel comfortable with.

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