Patient Transfer

To transfer a patient to the University of Illinois Hospital, call 855.455.IPAL (4725)

About the IPAL (Illinois Provider Access Line) Transfer Center

The IPAL Transfer Center consists of a team of registered nurses who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to coordinate hospital transfers. The transfer team ensures efficient communication between the patient's physicians at the transferring facility and at UI Hospital.

Transfer requests will be evaluated based upon the patient's clinical urgency and the availability of resources at UI Hospital.

What You Can Expect From the IPAL Transfer Line

When you call 855-455-IPAL you will speak directly to a registered nurse who will initiate the patient transfer process. As part of this process, you can expect the following:

  • Direct conversation with an attending physician at UI Health during the intake evaluation 
  • Timely evaluation of your transfer request 
  • Collection of appropriate clinical information from the transferring facility 
  • Periodic updates on the patients status to the referring physician and the patient's family members

Required documentation for transfers:

  • Patient Name and Face Sheet (including insurance information and date of birth) 
  • Most recent set of vital signs 
  • Height and weight 
  • Level of consciousness 
  • If applicable, oxygen source and oxygen requirements 
  • Isolation status 
  • Location of patient (Emergency department, general unit, step-down unit, ICU) 
  • Special needs (bariatric bed, water hook up room, sitter, telemetry monitor, oxygen saturation monitor, prisoner) 
  • Name and dosage of any continuous medication infusions
  • Additional items will be requested as needed

Please fax all required documents to the Transfer Center at 312.413.9207