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Training Timelines and Deadlines

January through December

Illinois Mandatory Ethics Training
All state public university employees are required to complete the annual ethics training program for University employees.
Website: https://www.ethics.uillinois.edu/training/illinois_mandatory_ethics_training/seasonal__temporary/

March 1-30

Title IX Training
Title IX seeks to reduce or eliminate barriers to educational opportunity caused by sex discrimination in institutions that receives federal funding. This includes sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and retaliation.

July through June

American Medical Association (AMA) Graduate Medical Education Program (GCEP)
The AMA's GME Competency Education Program is a series of online educational modules designed to complement teachings in patient settings and didactic curriculums in residency and fellowship programs. It helps residents develop ACGME milestones to meet core competency requirements.
Website: https://fsso.ama-assn.org/login/account/login
GCEP Support: gcep@ama-assn.org
Phone: 312.464.4518

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Online Courses
The IHI's Open School Courses is a series of online educational modules designed to complement teachings in patient safety and quality improvement.
Website: http://www.ihi.org/_layouts/15/ihi/login/login.aspx

October through November

Flu Shots
To decrease the spread of flu and inhibit possible hospital-related flu complications, UI Health maintains a mandatory flu shot policy for employees and volunteers, with a goal of 100% compliance.

November through January

Learning Management System (LMS) Modules
The LMS modules are designed to deliver education and validate the competency of all UI Health staff to ensure patient safety and quality care.
Website: https://employee.hospital.uic.edu
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