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The Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Program

The Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Program at UI Health is a three-year program that trains pediatricians for subspecialty practice. 

The first year of the program is entirely clinical. During this year, our fellows participate in the daily management of patients with diabetes, thyroid disorders, pituitary dysfunction, among a host of other endocrine diseases. The goal of the first year of training is to prepare our fellows to practice clinical endocrinology.

Second- and third-year fellows will continue to increase their clinical acumen while also developing their skills in clinical or basic research. Research mentors can be selected from the faculty at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. The fellows are encouraged to work closely with the program director to choose a research interest and an appropriate research mentor. 

During the fellowship, the fellows are encouraged to interact with the medical students and the pediatric residents. Through weekly sessions, the fellows teach endocrinology topics to the other trainees. This provides the background and training required for a future career in academics.

It is the goal of the fellowship program to develop excellent and competent future pediatric endocrinologists in clinical practice, teaching, and/or research.

For any questions regarding our fellowship program, please call 312.996.1795.