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November 9 from 6-9 pm for cocktails, delicious cuisine, live and silent auctions, entertainment, and more! Register now!

Patricia's Story

Patricia tells her story about growing up with a cleft lip and palate and how her life changed when she met the team at the UI Health Craniofacial Center. Watch the video.

ACPA Celebrates Dr. Howard Aduss

For their 75th Anniversary, the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association highlights leaders who have helped make them successful.

Fabian’s Journey: WGN Follows Teen Through Final Craniofacial Procedures

Fabian Bautista has had a lifelong relationship with the UI Health Craniofacial Center. Now 18 and near the end of his journey, he has big reasons to smile.

UI Health Craniofacial Team Consults on ‘Wonder’ Movie

The film tells the story of a 10-year-old boy with Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare craniofacial disorder. Read More

Craniofacial Center Featured on ABC Chicago

Dr. Pravin Patel was featured for his work with Shriner’s Hospital and a local teenager with Treacher Collins syndrome. Watch the video >>

Face the Future Foundation Gala

Read the full story and see photos from the Disco Ball gala here.

Summer Celebrates 2nd Annual Patient Picnic

The summertime event brings together Craniofacial Center patients and families to connect, share stories, and enjoy food, games, and activities. Read More >>

Article on Discrimination Associated with Facial Disfigurement

Neil Stenberg visited the Craniofacial Center many times in January and February for this article, spending time watching Rosie Seelaus construct an ear over the course of the week, and interviewing several other patients at the Center, including Victor Chukwueke. Rosie, Victor, as well as, Dr. Reisberg are quoted in the article.

Face Reconstructing Lives in a "High-Tech" World

"3D Printing" -- once an obscure concept, today a household term --  has been used for nearly a decade by clinical specialists at The Craniofacial Center (CFC) to design "high-tech" treatment solutions for complex rehabilitative and reconstructive cases. 3D Printing is only part of a much broader process of digital treatment protocols, that are strategically-designed and carefully-executed for each individual patient.  Read More >>

gala in tribune

2015's Face the Future Foundation Gala in the Chicago Tribune

Read the full story and see photos from the gala at's Lifestyles Section

CFC is celebrating its 66th Anniversary this year.

Craniofacial Center Approval

In January 2012, the Commission on Approval of Teams( CAT) of the American Cleft Palate–Craniofacial Association unanimously voted to fully approve the application for our Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences as a Cleft Palate–Craniofacial Team (CPT, CFT) for a period of five years.

The purpose of the Commission on Approval of Teams is to assure patients and families that the teams to which they are referred meet the Standards for Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Teams as set forth by the American Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Association.

Our team was one of the first multidisciplinary teams in the world established in 1949. In addition to the surgeons, a team of experts across many specialties is available to our patients, participate in the completion of their care from birth to adulthood and full rehabilitation.

Telepractice Pilot Speech Therapy Program to Further Improve Treatment of Patient at the Craniofacial Center

Research has found that patients make progress with the telepractice delivery model. Children seem to respond well and are motivated when using technology. Technology facilitates access to service; therefore telepractice is an excellent addition to our patient care model at University of Illinois Hospital/Craniofacial Center.  Read more >>

Virtual Surgical Planning

Three-dimensional (3D) medical Images such as CT and MRI have been available for decades. Their application, however, had been limited to the diagnosis and evaluation of disease. More recently, these digital technologies have emerged as a means of planning complex surgical procedures. This virtual surgical planning (VSP) technology has been integrated with other digital advances such as computer assisted design /computer assisted manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology, and rapid prototyping (RP) technology. Read more >>

Advances in Hearing

Many people are surprised to learn that we can hear in two ways. We all know that we hear with our ears. Sound travels through the air into the ear canal, vibrates the middle ear, and then stimulates the inner ear/hearing nerve...this is called air conduction hearing. Well, we can also hear through bone conduction. This means that sound vibrates bone to stimulate the inner ear.  Read more >>

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